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Van's RV-4 30cc



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Van's RV-4 30cc

Item #: HAN4885


Retail: $559.99*

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Key Features

  • Expertly constructed with laser-cut balsa and plywood
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing and horizontal stabilizer make field assembly fast
  • Functional flaps and scale hinges add realism and a wider flight envelope
  • Wide-track wheel stance and leaf tail wheel for outstanding ground handling
  • Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Matching aluminum landing gear with painted fairings
  • Large top-hatch provides easy access to electronics and flight batteries
  • Detailed cockpit area features a scale pilot, instrument decal and crystal-clear canopy
  • A self-aligning drill guide makes all recommended power options easy to install
  • Operational LED landing lights pre-wired and installed
  • Easy to maintain, genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering
  • Military-style and civilian decals included for trim scheme customization
  • Includes motor mount for the electric power option
  • Complete hardware kit includes a matching spinner and painted fiberglass control horns

Product Specifications

85 in ( 2.16m)
Overall Length:
72 in ( 1.83m )
Wing Area:
1551 sq in (100.1 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
17-19 Lbs ( 7.7- 8.6 Kg )
Engine Size:
30cc 2-stroke, 57-61cc 4-stroke (not included)
Motor Size:
Power 160 (not included)
6-Channel (not included)
8 (not included)
Trim Scheme Colors:
White HANU870 Deep Blue HANU873 Silver HANU881
CG (center of gravity):
154 mm behind the leading edge of wing
Wing Loading:
25.3 oz/sq ft
Prop Size:
17x8 Gas, 18x8- 18x10 Electric
Spinner Size:
4" ( 101.6 mm )
Speed Control :
100 amp (not included)
Recommended Battery:
8-10s 4000-7000 Mah
Approx. Flying Duration:
8 -12 mins
Landing Gear:
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
15-20 Hours
Is Assembly Required:


Among the hundreds of homebuilt aircraft designs that have taken flight over the years, few inspire pilot devotion like the Van’s RV line of airplanes. Just ask any of the faithful. It doesn’t matter which RV they fly. They will all testify to a balance of stability and nimble response that just makes you want to smile whenever you’re at the controls. Master model designer, Ali Machinchy, has perfectly captured that Van’s experience with this 30cc reproduction of the RV-4. It combines superb detail and thrilling flight performance to give pilots of almost any skill level a giant-scale experience unlike any other.

The Hangar 9® Van’s RV-4 30cc ARF has been designed to make every step of your giant-scale experience as hassle-free as possible. It all starts with the assembly. The two-piece plug-in wing and horizontal stabilizer slide together on aluminum tubes and bolt into place. The large fuselage access hatch makes electronics installation easy, too. There’s even a pre-assembled, self-aligning drill guide to speed the installation of whatever powerplant you decide to use, gas or electric. Once in the air, you’ll find the model’s wide flight envelope and forgiving flight characteristics just as easy to enjoy. It will do it all, from touch and gos to advanced aerobatics, with the same smooth, predictable response the full-scale version is famous for.

Durable Construction that Shines
Lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood construction is utilized to bring the Van’s RV-4 30cc to life as a durable scale model that’s expertly built to exacting standards. Genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering provides an easy-to-maintain finish you can customize with either a military-style or civilian look using the decal sheet provided.

Custom Scale Detail
Beyond the pilot figure, cockpit, pre-installed landing lights and other scale details, the complete Van’s experience shines through in the air too with functional flaps that help widen the flight envelope whether performing slow flight or advanced aerobatics.

Fast Field Assembly
Both the wing and horizontal stabilizer are two-piece and plug-in with aluminum tube support, making storage, transport and assembly easy. The large top-hatch makes access to the internal components, like the flight battery or fuel tank, as simple as possible.

Power It the Way You Want It
The Van’s RV-4 30cc is designed to accept a variety of gas engine or brushless electric powerplants. Hardware for both options is included along with an electric motor mount and a self-aligning drill guide so you can get in the air faster.


Manuals and Support

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