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Evolution 116GX Gas Ignition Engine w/o Muffler

*at participating retailers

Evolution 116GX Gas Ignition Engine w/o Muffler

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Key Features

  • Same no-fuss reliability as Evolution’s glow engines
  • Power to fly 36%-40% 3D Models
  • Easy-to-start electronic ignition systems
  • Superior porting
  • Factory-set Walbro carburetor for quick first starts
  • Ball bearing supported crankshaft
  • Exclusive CON-JET induction system

Product Specifications

2 - Stroke Gasoline
7.2 cu in (116.00 cc)
1.65 in (42.00 mm)
1.65 in (42.00 mm)
Engine (Only) Weight:
3090 grams (109.07 oz)
Crankshaft Threads:
M10 x 1 mm
Benchmark Prop:
30"x10" Mejzlik @ 6100 rpm
Prop Range:
28"x10", 30"x10-12", 32"x10"
RPM Range:
1,000 - 6300 rpm
Gas/Oil mix 40:1
Mounting Dimensions:
283mm x 278mm x 120mm
11 PS @5900 rpm
Cylinder Type:
Starting System:
Electronic Ignition
Carb Type:
Crank Type:
Ball Bearing


The 116GX’s innovative CON-JET(tm) induction system actually adjusts the mixture as the throttle is opened and closed. Mixture is leaned with the throttle body in the low RPM position for super-smooth idle performance. As the throttle is advanced, CON-JET richens the mixture to give the 116GX superior acceleration into the upper power range. Also part of the CON-JET system is a dual-channel intake manifold that guarantees both cylinders get the exact same fuel/air ratio from the big-barrel Walbro carb. The result is optimum power production and uniform cylinder temps flight after flight.If you’re looking for unlimited power potential for giant IMAC machines or huge scale replicas, nothing else comes close.

Manuals and Support

Parts Explosions

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  • Cylinder Gasket 58GX, 116GX (2)[EVO30010404]

  • Piston Ring, 58GX (3.6), 116GX[EVO30010702]

  • Crankcase: 116GX,116GX2[EVO30100101]

  • Crankcase Screw Set: 116GX,116GX2[EVO30100102]

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  • Evolution Gas Start Kit[EVO1002]

  • Standoff Gas Engine Mount, 20mm[EVO3310]

  • Standoff Gas Engine Mount, 7mm[EVO3311]

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