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F-16 Thunderbirds 70mm EDF BNF Basic w/AS3X and SS



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F-16 Thunderbirds 70mm EDF BNF Basic w/AS3X and SS

Item #: EFL7850


Retail: $349.99*

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Product Specifications

Overall Length:
Flying Weight:
Motor Size:
2860-1850kv (70mm EDF)
5+ Channel DSMX/DSM2 (not included)
Trim Scheme Colors:
Red, White, and Blue
CG (center of gravity):
110mm to 95mm from LE
Speed Control :
70amp minimum
Recommended Battery:
22.2v 6s 2900-4000mAh with EC5 connector (not included)
Control Throw (Ailerons):
+-18mm Low, +-26mm High
Control Throw (Elevator):
+-14mm Low, +-18mm High
Control Throw (Rudder):
+-16mm Low, +-20mm High
Control Throw (Flaps):
70mm EDF
Landing Gear:
Assembly Time:
1-3 Hours


Key Features

• The easiest to fly high-performance F-16 EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jet model yet!
• Scale replica of the iconic aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team
• 12-blade 70mm fan delivers excellent top speed and vertical performance plus turbine-like sound
• Factory-installed high-power 6S compatible brushless inrunner motor and 70-amp ESC
• Fast and precise factory-installed digital, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped linkages
• Steerable nose wheel and electric retracts with shock-absorbing struts for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass
• Spektrum™ 6-channel receiver with industry-leading DSMX® technology
• Easy to fly with optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
• The unmatched stability and precision of AS3X® technology
• Includes a decal sheet to choose and apply the Thunderbird number designation of your choice
• Easy final assembly with removable wings and a magnetically-secured nose cone
• Convenient top hatch with clear canopy, cockpit detail and a pilot figure
• Durable yet lightweight, composite reinforced EPO airframe

The General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin F-16 is one of the most recognized and successful single-engine fighters in the world. Its amazing performance and capabilities are why the world-renowned U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team chooses to operate it with distinction at airshows around the globe. The E-flite® F-16 Thunderbirds 70mm EDF jet is a scale replica that delivers incredible performance while also being easy to fly when it’s equipped with exclusive AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies (included with BNF® Basic version only).

The E-flite F-16 Thunderbirds 70mm EDF jet is a replica of the iconic aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Like the full-scale airshow thriller, this F-16 has an incredibly wide flight performance envelope—from slow and stable high-alpha flight to amazing high-speed and vertical capabilities. At its core is a 6S-compatible brushless motor and a 70-amp ESC that are matched to a 12-blade fan to deliver an abundance of speed, thrust and a turbine-like sound. Factory-installed electric retracts with shock-absorbing struts make it possible to take off and land on a wider variety of surfaces–including grass—while keeping ground handling smooth and delivering a realistic jet experience. The composite reinforced EPO airframe is lightweight yet strong, and the digital, metal-geared servos plus ball-link equipped linkages provide precise control. And it all combines to deliver one of the easiest to fly yet highest-performance and most capable F-16 models ever!

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  • F-Tek 4000mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo, EC5[KXSB40006S30]

  • F-Tek 4000mAh 6S 22.2V 40C LiPo, EC5, LED[KXSB40006S40]