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Viper 70mm EDF PnP



*at participating retailers

Due Late November, 2021

Viper 70mm EDF PnP

Item #: EFL7775


Due Late November, 2021

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Product Specifications

43.3 in (1100mm)
Overall Length:
40.4 in (1025mm)
Flying Weight:
4.2-4.4 lbs (67-70 oz)
Motor Size:
CG (center of gravity):
75-85mm back from LE or wing @ root
Speed Control :
Recommended Battery:
6S 22.2V 3200-4000mAh with EC5 connector
Approx. Flying Duration:
4+ min
Approx. Assembly Time:
Less than 1 Hour
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:



•The best choice for a first EDF jet model because it’s easy to take off, fly and land
•A scale jet model with incredibly smooth sport airplane handling and amazing aerobatic capability
•12-blade 70mm fan delivers excellent top speed and vertical performance plus turbine-like sound
•Factory-installed high-power 6S compatible brushless motor and 70-amp ESC
•Functional and installed flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings plus improved slow-flight performance
•Fast and precise factory-installed digital, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped linkages
•Steerable nose wheel and electric retracts with sprung wire struts for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass
•No glue required for assembly and can be ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge a battery
•Large and convenient top hatch with clear canopy, cockpit detail and pilot figure
•Strong and easy to install/remove one-piece composite reinforced wing
•Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO construction
•Unique and highly-visible trim scheme by Aircraft Studio Design

The Viper was designed to deliver fighter-jet looks and performance with low-wing sport airplane stability so more pilots could enjoy flying a jet. The E-flite® Viper 70mm EDF is true-to-form both in its appearance and how it delivers a high-performance jet experience like no other, whether you’ve flown many jets before or even if it’s your first jet model ever. It delivers incredible speed, vertical performance and aerobatic capability while also being easy to take off and land–especially when it’s equipped with exclusive AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies (BNF Basic version only).

The Viper 70mm EDF offers smooth, sport airplane-like handling plus incredible performance and aerobatic capability that makes it the perfect choice for experienced and first-time jet pilots alike. At its core is a 6S-compatible brushless motor and 70-amp ESC that are matched to a 12-blade fan to deliver an abundance of speed, thrust and a turbine-like sound. Functional, factory-installed flaps and electric retracts are included to provide the best jet experience and the widest flight envelope possible. Assembly is fast and simple with a one-piece wing and stabilizers that bolt into place–no glue required. The detailed cockpit is integrated with the large top-mounted hatch that makes flight battery access as easy and convenient as possible. Digital, metal-geared servos and ball-link equipped linkages provide precise control, and the lightweight yet strong EPO airframe adds to the durability and precision. But what truly sets the Viper 70mm EDF apart, and helps make it the BEST choice for a first jet model, is how easy it is to take off, fly and land. It’s a scale jet that flies smooth and handles like a sport airplane, with stability that makes it feel rock-solid so all you have to do to make your jet pilot dreams come true is advance the throttle.

This Plug-N-Play model comes with the fan, motor, ESC, servos, and retracts installed. All you need to do is complete some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly.

High-Power EDF
The 12-blade 70mm fan combined with the high-RPM brushless motor, 70-amp ESC and a 6S 3200-4000mAh LiPo battery delivers nearly unlimited vertical performance and an incredible speed range with virtually instantaneous throttle response. But what makes the experience truly rewarding is the amazing sound produced by the power system—it’s almost like a real turbine.

Functional Flaps
The factory-installed, fully-functional flaps offer improved slow-flight capability and performance while also making it possible to take off and land in shorter distances and at slower speeds.

Electric Retracts
The steerable nose wheel and wide-spaced main gear feature reliable electric retract units equipped with durable metal components and sprung wire struts for operation from a variety of surfaces including paved runways and even grass.

Durable Precision
The lightweight yet durable EPO airframe is composite reinforced for added strength, and the factory-installed digital, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped linkages deliver crisp and precise control at every speed.

Amazing Performance
The Viper design offers incredible handling across a wide speed range and flight envelope. From slower-than-expected landings and low-speed passes to triple-digit high-speed flybys, the airframe and power system combine to deliver unbelievable performance and aerobatic capability so you can perform smooth rolls, giant loops, knife edge flight and other maneuvers almost effortlessly.

Easy Assembly
No glue is required for assembly, and you can have the Viper ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge a battery. Plus it’s factory-finished in an exclusive and unique, highly-visible trim scheme by Aircraft Studio Design.

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  • KX80: 80W AC/DC Charger[KXSC1002]

  • AR636 6-Channel AS3X Sport Receiver[SPMAR636]

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  • Main Wing Set: Viper 70mm[EFL7702]

  • Vertical Stabilizer: Viper 70mm[EFL7703]

  • Horizontal Stabilizer: Viper 70mm[EFL7704]

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  • iX12 12 Channel Transmitter Only[SPMR12000]

  • DX6 Transmitter Only Mode 2 G3[SPMR6750]

  • DX8 Transmitter Only Mode 2[SPMR8000]