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ECX1/12 Barrage Gen2 4WD 1.9 Scaler Brushed BTDKit



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ECX1/12 Barrage Gen2 4WD 1.9 Scaler Brushed BTDKit

Item #: ECX01011


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Key Features

  • 400+ Parts Included
  • Customizable Clear Body Shell and Sticker Sheet
  • Realistic C-Channel Chassis Frame
  • Full range Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Waterproof Electronics
  • Dynamite® Ni-MH Battery
  • AC Battery Charger
  • 390 size can motor
  • 1/10 scale size metal gear servo
  • Conventional outboard shock mounting system
  • Increase articulation and steering
  • Partially Assembled
  • Fully Upgradable
  • Tools Included
  • Educational Build

Product Specifications

Rock Crawler
1.9 Class
16.4in (417mm)
7.7in (196mm)
8.5in (216mm)
Ground Clearance:
2.25in (57mm)
9.9in (252mm)
2.8lb (1.3kg)
Steel Ladder Frame
Solid Axle 4-Link
Tire Type:
Soft, Falken AT3W All Terrain
Motor or Engine:
Brushed 390
Speed Control:
Dynamite 60A Brushed
ECX 2.4GHz 2-Channel
Spektrum S602
Dynamite 900mAh 6-cell NiMH
NiMH Wallwart
Gear Pitch:
Wheel Size:
1.9in (49mm) Diameter, 1.1in (27mm) Width
Build-To-Drive Kit
Shock Type:
3 in (75mm) plastic body
Ball Bearings:
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required:


Using the same "pre-built critical parts" formula and manual guidelines as the successful ECX® AMP™ MT Build-To-Drive™ Kit, the ECX 1.9 Barrage® 4WD Scaler Build-To-Drive™ Kit offers the same build experience on a new and exciting platform. The Barrage Kit comes with everything needed to get started, including the tools, parts, and electronics. It even comes with its differential, shocks, and wheels assembled, so all you need to do is follow the instructions and you'll be ready to navigate baseball-sized rock piles and tall weeds in no time. Perfect for the backyard, the park, desert or driveway, get your hands dirty with the nearly unstoppable ECX 1.9 Barrage 4WD Scaler Build-to-Drive Kit.

The Build-to-Drive Kit version differences from the RTR version are motor plate for larger 390 motor (more power and torque), longer axles and housings (alleviates long wheel hex and has less wheel scrub and better handling), aluminum servo mount (more servo options), 4-point links (improves articulation), aluminum steering links (stronger than plastic), outboard shocks (moved to outside chassis for better handling, articulation, realism and looks).

What's in the Box?
(1) ECX® 1.9 4WD Barrage Build-to-Drive Kit
(1) ECX 2.4GHz Transmitter
(1) ECX 2.4GHz 2-CH V3 Receiver
(1) 100mAh NiMH Wall Charger with EC3™ Connector
(1) Dynamite® Speedpack® 900mAh NiMH Battery with EC3 Connector
(1) Dynamite Tazer™ 390 Brushed Motor
(1) Dynamite 60A WP FWD/REV Brushed ESC
(1) Spektrum™ S602 digital servo
(4) AA Batteries
(1) User Manual

Please note: Body is clear and is shown painted for advertising purposes only.

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  • 390 Motor,Pinion Gear 22T:1.9 Barrage Doomsday[DYNS1206]

  • WP 60A FWD/REV Brushed ESC[DYNS2210]

  • Body Clips (8)[ECX1048]

  • M4 Locknut, Flanged (4)[ECX1060]

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  • Prophet Sport NiMH 35W AC Charger[DYNC2000CA]