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DX6 G3 6-CH DSMX Transmitter w/AR6600T RX MD2

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Optional Accessories

TX Smart Phone Holder


Spektrum Single Stand Up Transmitter Case


Spektrum Single Aircraft Transmitter Case


Spektrum 2100 mAh NiMH AA (4 Pack)


DSMX Remote Receiver


Spektrum DSMX Telem Brushless RPM Sensor Air Only


Aircraft Telemetry RPM Sensor and Bracket


Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Voltage Sensor-2pin


Spektrum DSMX/DSMR Telemetry Temperature Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry Airspeed Indicator


Aircraft Telemetry JetCat Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry 3-Axis G-Force Sensor: 8G


Aircraft Telemetry GPS Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry Variometer Sensor


2000mAh Li-Ion TX Batt DXe, 6e, 6G2&3,7&8G2


2000mAh TX Batt w/AC Adapter DXe, 6e, 6G2&3, 7&8G2


Aircraft Telemetry Receiver Batt Energy Sensor

Aircraft Single Receiver Battery Energy Telemetry Sensor measures Capacity Used, Current, and Voltage of a single receiver battery pack.


Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Batt Energy Sensor

The Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Energy Sensor is designed to measure Capacity Used, Current, and Temperature of your flight pack.


Orange Grip Set w/ Tape: DX6G2/3 DX8G2


Wireless Simulator Dongle WS1000