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DX5R 5CH DSMR Tx w/SR6000T

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Optional Accessories

Spektrum Surface Transmitter Case


TM1500 Telemetry Module


Charge Adapter: Spektrum TX Battery NiMh/LiPo

Note: Needed to charge optional battery


Grip Set, S, M, L: DX6R, DX5 PRO


Large Wheel w/Foam: DX6R


Small Wheel w/Foam: DX6R

Note: The 36 degree cam must be used.


Wedges, 10/15 Deg: DX6R, DX5 PRO


Wheel Cam Set, 32/36 Deg: DX6R, DX5 PRO


Grip Attachment Tape: DX6R, DX5 PRO


Spektrum DSMX Telem Brushless RPM Sensor Air Only


SPM DSMR Telem BL RPM Sensor w/Bullets Surf Only


Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Voltage Sensor-2pin


Spektrum DSMX/DSMR Telemetry Temperature Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry GPS Sensor


Aircraft Telemetry Receiver Batt Energy Sensor

Aircraft Single Receiver Battery Energy Telemetry Sensor measures Capacity Used, Current, and Voltage of a single receiver battery pack.


Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Batt Energy Sensor

The Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Energy Sensor is designed to measure Capacity Used, Current, and Temperature of your flight pack.


2000 mAh TX Battery: DX9,DX7S,DX8


Spektrum Lap timing System - Lap Timing Gate


Spektrum Lap Timing System - Infrared receiver


MR4000 DSMR 4 Ch Marine Receiver


SR2000 DSMR Micro Race Receiver


SR2010 DSMR Micro Race Rx


SR310 DSMR 3 Ch Sport Rec

The waterproof SR310 is a great choice for bashers or boaters who want an affordable receiver that can handle the worst nature and the RF environment can throw at it.


SR4000T 4 Ch DSMR 4CH Slim Surface Rec w/Telemetry

Making use of the telemetry functions in your DSMR® transmitter is easy with the SR4000T receiver. It comes equipped with a built-in telemetry module as well as data ports for voltage, temperature and RPM sensors.


SR410 4-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver


SR415 DSMR 4 Ch Sport Rec


SRS4210 DSMR AVC Surface Rx


S6240RX Hi-Torq Hi-Spd Servo w/ Built-In Receiver