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DX4R Pro 4CH DSMR Racing System



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DX4R Pro 4CH DSMR Racing System

Item #: SPM4100


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DX4R PRO: Race-Winning Response and World Class Features

The lightweight DX4R PRO was conceived by racers for racers to deliver a combination of speed, sophistication and comfort no other 4-channel racing system can match.

* The typical telemetry range is 100-200 feet and will vary depending on the operating environment.

Key Features

Race Winning Response

Lowering lap times requires a transmitter that delivers immediate response, no matter how crowded the signal environment may get. When used with the included SR2000 receiver, the DX4R PRO consistently achieves response rates that make it every bit as fast as its championship-winning predecessor, the DX3R PRO. And it does so with the superb range and signal security of DSMR™ technology.

Frequency-Agile DSMR™ Technology

The DX4R PRO is built around frequency-agile, DSMR 2.4GHz technology. This exclusive Spektrum™ technology can be used in any type of surface application, including boats. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, are superb. It's also backwards compatible with DSM®, DSM2® and marine-specific Spektrum receivers. Longtime Spektrum users won't need to replace the receivers they have unless they want the frequency-agility of a DSMR receiver for busy 2.4GHz environments.

Four Channels and Advanced Mixing

The DX4R PRO's four channels and impressive list of available mixes allow you to use it for all sorts of applications beyond just racing. In addition to user defined mixes it comes with pre-set mixes that include dual throttle, dual brake, MOA, 4-Wheel Steering and dual steering. Mixes can be switch-activated and adjusted on the fly as well.

Intuitive Simplescroll™ Programming Interface

Sophisticated programming isn't worth much if it's a pain to use. The DX4R PRO's SimpleScroll programming interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as 'scroll and click'. It's so easy to use, most racers will be able to complete complex programming tasks without ever having to look at the manual.

Racer-Inspired Ergonomics

The amazing capabilities of the DX4R PRO are complemented by ergonomic features designed with hardcore racers mind. Almost every contact point you have with the transmitter can be adjusted for your comfort, including the shape of the trigger. The steering wheel can be mounted on the left or right of the transmitter in either standard or drop down configurations. Steering and throttle tension can be adjusted. You can even swap the stock grip for a larger one that's included.

Includes Free SR410 4-CH Sport Receiver

The DX4R PRO comes with a free SR410 sport receiver you can use in land and marine applications. Its four channels, small size and lightweight make it ideal for everything from small speed boats to big monster trucks.

Key Features

  • Ultra responsive with DSMR 5.5ms frame rate
  • Adjustable trigger shape and tension
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen
  • 50-Model memory with ModelMatch™ technology
  • 4 User-defined, programmable mixes with naming
  • Pre-set mixes, including dual throttle, dual brake, MOA, 4WS, and dual steering
  • Switch-activated mix rates
  • On-the-fly mix rate control
  • Traction Control and ABS
  • RaceWare™ software updates via SD Card Reader via community site
  • Integrated antenna
  • Inactivity alarm
  • Telemetry Compatible (telemetry receiver and sensors are required)
  • Includes the SR2000 DSMR™ micro race receiver and SR410 4-channel DSMR™ sport receiver
  • Left-hand configurable (parts to postion the steering wheel in the standard position included)
  • Compatible with DSMR and DSM2† receivers

Product Specifications

# of Channels:
SR2000 and SR410 (included)
Model Memory:
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:
AA (sold separately)
Experience Level:


The lightweight Spektrum DX4R PRO was conceived by racers for racers to deliver the same championship-winning response as the DX3R PRO*, but with the extra range and signal security of frequency-agile DSMR™ technology. It also features an impressive selection of available mixes, including pre-set mixes like MOA and 4WS, which can be switch activated and adjusted on the fly.

To this potent combination it adds new ergonomic features that have been designed specifically with long mains in mind. Almost every contact point you have with the transmitter can be adjusted for your comfort and driving style, including the shape of the trigger.

The Spektrum DX4R PRO includes the SR2000 DSMR™ micro race receiver and a FREE SR410 4-channel DSMR™ sport receiver. 

*2012 IFMAR 1/8 Off-Road European Championship
2013 ROAR Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy National Championship
2013 ROAR Modified 1/8 Buggy National Championship
2013 ROAR Modified 2WD Buggy National Championship
2013 ROAR Modified Pro4 (Short Course Truck) National Championship

DSMR transmitters are compatible with DSMR and DSM2† receivers.

DSM2 not available in EU.

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