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Ultra Stick 30cc ARF



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Due Early January, 2023

Ultra Stick 30cc ARF

Item #: HAN2365


Retail: $389.99*

Due Early January, 2023

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Key Features

  • Outstanding flight performance: tried and true Ultra Stick design
  • Flaps for expanded flight envelope
  • Covered in genuine UltraCote™
  • Tail dragger landing gear adds to its sportier looks
  • Large, double beveled control surfaces
  • Two piece plug in wings with aluminum tube provides easy transport and assembly
  • Lightweight balsa/balsa-plywood construction that's strong
  • Float-ready—hard points for mounting the Hangar 9® 1/5-scale Float Set (sold separately) are already built into the fuselage
  • Finished fiberglass wheel pants match UltraCote colors
  • Ready to mount the Evolution® 33GX Gasoline Engine
  • Electric motor mount included makes it EP friendly
  • Complete quality hardware included

Product Specifications

80.75" (205 cm)
Overall Length:
74" (188 cm)
Wing Area:
1360.3 sq in (87.76 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
12-14 lbs (5.4 - 6.35kg)
Engine Size:
Motor Size:
Power 160
A6180 Digital Aircraft Servo
Trim Scheme Colors:
White (HANU870), Black (HANU874), Apple Green (HANU903)
CG (center of gravity):
4-5.25" Rearward of wing leading edge
Wing Loading:
Prop Size:
17x6 - 18x10
Spinner Size:
Speed Control :
80 amp
Recommended Battery:
(Motor)10S 4400mAh (Receiver) 6.6V 2200mAh 2S LiFe
Expo 25%
Expo 20%
Expo 20%
Control Throw (Ailerons):
(Low) 3cm Up and 2.5cm Down (High) 6.8 Cm Up and 5.5cm Down
Control Throw (Elevator):
(Low) 2.7cm Up and Down (High) 5.5cm Up and Down
Control Throw (Rudder):
(Low) 3.5cm Left and Right (High) 7 cm Left and Right
Control Throw (Flaps):
2.5mm Takeoff and 5.5cm Landing
Approx. Flying Duration:
6 Mins
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
10-15 Hours
Is Assembly Required:


The first Hangar 9® Ultra Stick™ ARF revolutionized the Stick genre with innovative design twists that really spiced up performance such as a large, double beveled control surface for 3D flight, extra-large control surfaces and optional quad flaps. Building on the legacy of this popular design, the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF provides intermediate to expert pilots a giant-scale sport plane with a wide flight envelope. It features durable construction and an abundance of power options so you can make it as mild or wild as you want. As with its predecessors, the flaps and ailerons are double-beveled so you can take advantage of flaperon and crow mixes. These control surfaces, along with the rudder and elevator, have been oversized for even better 3D capability than before. Hardware and mounting options for gas and electric power are included. You can even add floats (sold separately). Enjoy an intoxicating blend of sport-flying fun with this superbly crafted ARF that more than lives up to its name.

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  • Competition Pattern Propeller,17 x 8[APC17080]

  • Super Strength Long Servo Arm: JR[DUB671]

  • Tygon Gas Tubing,3' Large[DUB800]

  • Optical Ignition Kill Switch[EVOA100]

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  • Electric Propeller,18 x 10E[APC18010E]

  • CC BEC PRO 20A Max output 12S Max switching regltr[CSE010000401]

  • Phoenix Edge HV 120-Amp 50V ESC[CSE010010400]

  • Hook & Loop Mounting Material[DUB2143]

Parts Listing  See All

  • Fuselage: Ultra Stick 30cc[HAN236501]

  • Left Wing w/ Aileron and Flap: Ultra Stick 30cc[HAN236502]

  • Right Wing w/ Aileron and Flap: Ultra Stick 30cc[HAN236503]

  • Vertical Stabilizer with Rudder: Ultra Stick 30cc[HAN236504]

Optional Accessories  See All

  • 5000mAh 4S 14.8V 30C LiPo, 10AWG EC5[EFLB50004S30]

  • 14.8V 5000mAh 4S 30C LiPo, 10AWG, EC5[KXSB0024]

  • DX18 18 Channel System Generation 2 Md2[SPM18100]

  • AR636 6-Channel AS3X Sport Receiver[SPMAR636]