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Spektrum Articles

Setting up the Spektrum AR635 receiver
Published on 05/15/2013

Getting the most out of your model with AS3X

Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC Preview
Published on 04/16/2013

Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC Preview

Spektrum DX4S Preview
Published on 12/07/2012

Blake Good was one of the key people involved with the design, development, testing and eventual coming-to-market of the DX4S transmitter. In this preview Blake shares his insights on this new transmitter, what some of the advancements in DSMR and more.

We Preview The DX18QQ With Quique Somenzini
Published on 11/15/2012

A World Class Radio From A World Champion

The New Spektrum DX18
Published on 07/26/2012

The New Spektrum DX18

Antenna Placement When Using Remote Receivers
Published on 09/20/2011

How do you place your remote receivers in your model when using Spektrum™ or JR® DSM® technology? We walk you through the tricks of the trade to show you a good place to start for better placement in your model.

How To Replace the Receiver and Gearbox in the ParkZone Pole Cat
Published on 08/09/2011

We're here to help you better understand what you need to do to replace the receiver board and motor/gearbox on your Pole Cat. We walk you through the steps, explaining exactly what to do and when to do it

Correct Antenna Placement with the AR600 Receiver
Published on 07/20/2011

The AR600 is the affordable way to equip your plane with the speed and reliability of DSMX® control. We walk you through the installation and correct orientation of the antennas to deliver maximum performance in any model using an AR600 receiver.

How To Change the DX3R PRO's Wheel Position
Published on 04/22/2011

One of the biggest changes from the original DX3R on the PRO is the inclusion of a redesigned wheel mechanism that features a drop down design. Converting your DX3R PRO from drop down to standard position is relatively easy and we'll show you in a few simp

DSM X Preview
Published on 02/09/2011

Evolving 2.4Ghz technology

Spektrum DX3R PRO Preview
Published on 01/30/2011

DX3R PRO represents an evolution of the original DX3R, further raising the bar. The features you've come to know and love are all still here and a whole lot more. We've caught up with Spektrum's Blake Good to pick his brain on the DX3R PRO.

Spektrum DX8 Radio Preview
Published on 09/13/2010

More features, less price, Spektrum's DX8

Convert your Air Module with the new integrated case
Published on 03/19/2010

How To – Spektrum Air Module Update

Mode 1 VS Mode 2 Article
Published on 02/05/2010

Mode 1 VS Mode 2 Article

Understanding Telemetry
Published on 10/18/2005

Understanding Spektrum's 2.4GHz telemetry technology.