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System Latency

What does surface latency mean to you?

Spektrum Radio Systems are designed not only for ease of use and strength of signal, but also consistent, reliable control that you can count on. And consistency can make all the difference, particularly in competition. That's why Spektrum DSM2™ surface systems are engineered to have the most consistent latency and lowest response variance of any radio system. Most radio systems establish a limit for the maximum response time or latency between your control input and the reaction of the vehicle.

And while these limits ensure that you will be in control of your vehicle, they allow for the response time to vary across a broad range. This means that while taking a corner, your control input may have a short delay, causing a sharp (possibly sharper than expected) turn, or the delay may be longer, causing you to shoot too high into a turn and lose valuable lap time. Spektrum systems not only offer faster response time, meaning an immediate reaction to your input, but also have the most consistently narrow latency range. That narrow variance in the latency of the system ensures that your input will happen exactly when you expect it to, which keeps you in control and lets you hit your mark every time.