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48" Zelos G Catamaran: RTR

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Optional Accessories

Tank Filter


Dura-Collars,1/4 (2)

Note: Install a pair of Dubro 1/4-inch Dura-Collar to help prevent the flex shaft from being pulled out in the event you strike a floating object with the prop. Be careful to not over-tighten the set screw. Doing so could cause damage to the flex shaft.


Tygon Gas Tubing,3' Large

Note: Replacement for stock fuel line.


7.4V 5200mAh 2S 15C LiP0: 5ive-T, 5ive-B, Mini WRC


Prophet Sport NiMH 35W AC Charger


Passport Ultra 100W ACDC Touch Battery Charger


Large Scale Safety Kill Switch


Grease Gun with Marine Grease 5 oz


Marine Grease 5 oz


Absolute Force Spray Cleaner & Degreaser, 32oz


Infrared Temp Gun/Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

The Mini Infrared Temperature Gun is a professional grade infrared thermometer with features and specifications to meet practically any measurement application.


CA,Thin, 2 oz.


CA, Medium, 2 oz.


CA, Thick, 2 oz.


Start Up Tool Set: Proboat


Machined Hex Driver Set (4) Met

Dynamite's Machined Hex Driver set is ergonomically designed and great looking!


LiPo Cell Voltage Checker


Propeller, AL, 2.75x1.5x1/4 shaft

Note: Use this propeller to prop down if you desire slower speeds.


DX2E ACTIVE 2Ch DSMR Radio w/SR310

The DX2E ACTIVE radio system brings a new level of fun and performance to the budget radio class. Not only do you get an abundance of standard features, but you have the options of adding a speedometer or Bluetooth connectivity for the Spektrum Dashboard.


DX5R 5CH DSMR Tx w/SR6000T

The 5-channel DX5R combines pro-level ergonomics and mechanics with an abundance of features like full-range telemetry, ABS, 4-wheel steering, programming for AVC® receivers and more. And you get it all for a lot less than you might think.


DX6R 6CH Smart Radio w WIFI/BT


MR4000 DSMR 4 Ch Marine Receiver


G23/26 Carb Repair Kit (K10/WAT)