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1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck Black Bind-N-Drive

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Adj. 1/5th Scale Clutch: 5ive, WRC, DBXL, HPI Baja

This clutch is designed to provide adjustable, heat-resistant engagement. It may be installed in the Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck, Losi 1/5 Desert Buggy XL, Losi 1/5 MINI WRC 4WD Rally Car, and the HPI 1/5th scale Baja.


Spur Gear, Center Diff, 62T: 5T, MINI WRC


Front and Rear Sway Bar Set, 4.8mm: 5T, MINI WRC


Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Flour Orange(2): 5T


Alum Front SpindleSetw/BB,Blue(2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Alum Rear Hub Setw/BB(2),Blue:5IVE-T, MINI WRC


AlumBerngInsrt(2),RrDiff, Blue: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Alum Servo Saver Arm: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Alum Front Top Chassis Brace,Blue:5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Alum Front Chassis Brace, Blue: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Upper Shock Mounts, Titanium: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC


FrontShockBody Set,HardAnodized(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


RearShockBody Set,Hard Anodized(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Shock Adjust Nut w/O-ring,Alum (2),5IVE-T,MINI WRC

Build an extra set of hard anodized shocks with out having to tear the origanal set apart.


Front Springs 10.3lb Rate, Gold (2): 5IVE-T


Front Springs 12.9 lb Rate, Red (2): 5IVE-T


Rear Springs 6.8lb Rate Gold(2): 5IVE-T


Rear Springs 9.3lb Rate, Red (2): 5IVE-T


F/R Outdrive Set, Lightened(2):5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Center Outdrive Set, Lightened(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


PnionCplerSet,Alum.Hard Andized(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Fr/RStubAxls,Alum HardAndized(2):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


Wheel Nuts, Captured (4): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Brake Disk, Pad & Screw Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Air Pre-Filter: 5IVE-T


Pull-Start Pre-Filter: 23-30CC Gas Engine; 5IVE-T


20T Pinion Gear, 1.5M & Hardware: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC


18T Pinion Gear, 1.5M & Hardware: 5IVE-T,MINI WRC


EngineMntInserts & Screws,20T(4):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


EngineMntInserts&Screws,18.5/58(4):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


EngineMntInserts&Screws,19.5/58(4):5IVE-T,MINI WRC


EnginMntInserts&Screws,18/58(4):5IVE-T, MINI WRC


Titanium Turnbuckle Set (6): 5IVE-T


Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Blue (2): 5IVE-T


Wheel & Beadlock Set, White (2), 5T


Wheel & Beadlock Set, Black (2), 5T


Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Flo Wht (2): 5T


Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Yellow (2): 5T


Tuned Exhaust Pipe, 23-30cc Gas Engines: 5IVE-T


1/5 54mm Racing Clutch, 8-Shoe


1/5 MIP 54mm Racing Clutch Shoes (8)


1/5 MIP 54mm Racing Clutch Springs (8)


1/5 MIP Limit Strap Set: Losi 5T


1/5 MIP Super Diff Kit : Losi 5ive


1/5 MIP Header Gasket : Losi 5T


Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace, HA: 5T, MINI


Brake Disc, Wide Base, Al (2): 5T, MINI WRC


Cross Pins & Support Blocks, Al: 5T, MINI WRC


Shock Cap, HA Aluminum (2), 5T


Shaft, Shock, Front, TiCN, 2.0 (2): 5T


Shaft, Shock, Rear, TiCN, 2.0 (2): 5T


Bleeder Shock Caps, Al (2): 5T, MINI WRC


Bleeder Shock Cap Screws & Washers: 5T, MINI WRC


F/R Inner Hinge Pin, TiCN (2): 5T


Hinge Pin,Rear Outer, TiCN (2): 5T