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Dynamite 15-Turn 550 Brushed Motor

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The "Dynamite 15-Turn 550 Brushed Motor" is used in the following:

Used In...

Circuit 1:10 4wd Stadium Truck Brushed: RTR
(ECX03011) as a Parts Listing

The 4WD ECX® Circuit™ Stadium Truck takes the legendary ECX Stadium Truck to where it’s never been before with an enhanced 4WD Drivetrain that delivers off-road action unlike any other stadium truck.


Torment 1:10 4wd SCT Brushed: RTR
(ECX03013) as a Parts Listing

The 4WD ECX® Torment™ Short Course Truck comes readily equipped for brutal off-road conditions. With waterproof electronics and a bulletproof 4x4 drivetrain, the 4WD ECX torment won’t back down from delivering excitement wherever it goes.


Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR
(PRB08015) as a Parts Listing

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