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AR7300BX 7CH DSMX FBL Control System



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AR7300BX 7CH DSMX FBL Control System

Item #: SPMAR7300BX


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Key Features

  • DSMX® 7-Channel Receiver
  • BeastX 3-axis MEMS flybarless stabilization system
  • Integrated power bus for high-voltage setups
  • No BEC regulators required
  • Data and telemetry capable
  • Easy to set up and adjust - no programming interface required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with DSM2® and DSMX transmitters with heli programming

Product Specifications

AR7300BX 7-CH DSMX Switchsafe FBL Control System
# of Channels:
1.4 in (36mm)
1.5 in (38mm)
0.5 in (13mm)
1.1 oz (30.9g)
Voltage Range:
Antenna Length:
3.9 in (100mm)
Experience Level:


The AR7300BX combines the security of a 7-channel, DSMX® receiver with the precision of a BeastX® flybarless system in a single, compact unit. It's simple to use too. No special programming interface is needed for setup and adjustment. All you need is the DSM2® or DSMX transmitter it's bound to.

Complementing this incredible technology is an integrated power bus that eliminates the need for a BEC*. It is designed to handle the demanding current loads of today's high-voltage servos. This makes the AR7300BX a great choice for high powered 550- to 800- size electric helis as well as .50- to .90- size gas/nitro machines. The included switch harness is designed so that, should the switch fail, it will fail in the 'on' position.

*The AR7300BX receiver does not regulate voltage output to servos.

A USB programmer for making firmware updates is available separately.

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