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F400 RaceFlight FC with 4649T Telemetry Rx Combo



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F400 RaceFlight FC with 4649T Telemetry Rx Combo

Item #: SPMFCF400RX


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The Perfect Combo! For a limited time get, buy the Spektrum F400 Raceflight One Flight Controller (SPMFCF400) and the Spektrum Telemetry Quad Racing Receiver (SPM4649T) for one low price. The 4649T is a great companion for Raceflight One Controllers by providing a wide range of telemetry options without the need for additional sensors and cables. Voltage, Current, and RSSI data feedback right to your Spektrum Radio. With this setup PID, Filter, and Rate Changes can be made right from the radio.

Spektrum has combined a state of the art F4 processor with proprietary Raceflight firmware to bring you the cutting edge in FPV racing performance. Featuring an integrated 5v regulator, pilots will no longer worry about providing regulated power to your flight controller. The Spektrum F400 flight controller makes wiring the receiver simple by only needing one connection for power, signal, and telemetry information. Pair it with a SPM4649T Serial Telemetry receiver and the pilot can feed all available telemetry data to their Spektrum radio transmitter. The processor in the Spektrum F400 is capable of a lighting fast 180MHz update speed; giving the pilot uncompromised speed, precision, and power. Connect the F400 Raceflight Flight Controller with a 32KHz capable ESC for optimal performance.

The Spektrum F400 supports RaceFlight One, the leading edge drone racing firmware, giving the pilot the most locked in feel and easiest to configure setup to date. When combined with a the Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver with Telemetry and you get advanced telemetry features such as PID and rate control, Flight pack voltage, current monitoring and more.

The SPM4649T quad racing serial receiver offers full-range performance with integrated telemetry providing FPV racing enthusiasts with a serial receiver that can transmit vital telemetry data. Like SPM4648, the 4649T offers a 1-wire serial connection that is compatible with most flight controllers and an input for telemetry data such RPM, battery voltage and a whole lot more. Spektrum enthusiasts with telemetry capable transmitters such as the DX6, DX8, DX9 or DX18 can now receive on-demand telemetry data, and by using the voice functionality of compatible G2 transmitters, can have specific telemetry data outputted via the on-board audio system.

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