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Ultra Micro-4, 4x9W, AC/DC Battery Charger



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Ultra Micro-4, 4x9W, AC/DC Battery Charger

Item #: EFLC1105A


Retail: $69.99*

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Key Features

  • Compact, rugged design
  • All four ports can be used simultaneously or one at a time
  • Works with Blade®, E-flite® and ParkZone® 1S as well as 2S ultra micro Li-Po batteries
  • Four independently functioning charge circuits each with a simple LED status display
  • 9 Watts of dedicated power per port
  • Five selectable charge rates from 0.1–1.0A
  • Each port is suitable for charging one 30–150mAh, 1S UM cell, a 1S MCPX cell, or one 120–300mAh 2S pack equipped with a JST-PH, 3-wire connector
  • Operates on 100–240V AC (50/60Hz) or 11–18V DC input voltage
  • Built-in protection features guard against short circuit, over current and reverse polarity
  • Detachable AC and DC power cords and 1S battery extension leads included


Ideal for charging any combination, of up-to four 30–500mAh, 1S UM and MCPX batteries as well as 2S battery packs equipped with the 3-wire JST-PH plug featured on UMX-class airplanes and helicopters.

Manuals and Support


Product Bulletin: EFLC1105A mCX Battery Extension

April 22, 2016
Download PDF Version Here

Product: mCX Battery Extension included with EFLC1105A Charger

This product, when used with the E-flite EFLC1105A charger, does not pose a safety concern. The charger will error out if you attempt to use the lead to charge a battery. Do not use this lead with any other product, as Horizon cannot
guarantee how other brands’ chargers will react with the lead.

Issue: The mCX battery extension is wired incorrectly. The leads have been wired in reverse polarity.

What To Do: If you are not using the extension, please dispose of it. If you need a replacement extension, contact Horizon Product Support. Hobby Product Support at 877-504-0233 or email productsupport@horizonhobby.com.

For customers outside of North America or Europe, please contact your local distributor.

Country or Purchase Horizon Hobby Contact information Address
United States of America Product Support productsupport@horizonhobby.com

4105 Fieldstone Rd

Champaign, Illinois, 61822 USA

Sales sales@horizonhobby.com

If you purchased your product outside of the US and Canada, please see the retailer or distributor you purchased your product from for assistance.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Horizon disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product bulletin.
©2016 Horizon Hobby, LLC. .

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