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Commander mPd 1.4m PNP



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Commander mPd 1.4m PNP

Item #: EFL4875


Retail: $229.99*

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Key Features

  • Visionary design by Mirco Pecorari and David Payne (mPd)
  • Wide flight envelope for everything from slow flight to aerobatics
  • Factory-installed flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings
  • Innovative Hands-Free Servo Connection System
  • Goes together fast – only 8 screws required for initial assembly
  • Powerful 15-size brushless motor with 45A ESC
  • Vibrant trim scheme by Aircraft Design Studio
  • Durable aluminum landing gear with wheel pants

Product Specifications

55.0 in (1398mm)
Overall Length:
45.0 in (1143mm)
Wing Area:
550.0 sq in (35.45 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
62-65oz (1760-1845g)
Motor Size:
15 size BL 900Kv outrunner motor
6-Channel (not included)
9 gram
CG (center of gravity):
88mm +/-3mm back from leading edge of wing at the fuselage
Prop Size:
12 x 8
Spinner Size:
59mm Diameter
Speed Control :
45 Amp ESC Included
Recommended Battery:
3S 2200-3200mAh Li-Po (not included)
Control Throw (Ailerons):
18mm Low 25mm High
Control Throw (Elevator):
15mm Low 20mm High
Control Throw (Rudder):
40mm Low 50mm High
Control Throw (Flaps):
20mm (mid) 40mm (full)
Landing Gear:
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required:


The Commander mPd® 1.4m park flyer is the result of a collaboration between veteran aircraft designer, David Payne, and the founder of Aircraft Design Studio, Mirco Pecorari. It is an entirely new design that blends classic lines with modern influences to give pilots a one-of-a-kind sport flying experience. It also incorporates innovative features like a Hands-Free Servo Connection System that lets you plug in or remove the wings without having to fuss with servo leads. This Plug-N-Play® version comes with the motor, ESC and servos installed. All you need to do is finish some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly.

Distinctive Design
David Payne and Mirco Pecorari drew from a wide variety full-scale and model aviation influences when designing the Commander mPd park flyer. They wanted it to stand out from the crowd yet still possess all the pilot-friendly flight characteristics that make traditional sport planes so much fun. In the process they also added little extras like a pilot figure as well as molded-in details like ribs on the wing and elevator, panel lines, fuel caps and more.

Wide Flight Envelope
A powerful brushless power system, light wing loading and factory-installed flaps work together to give the model a wide flight envelope. Control response is so smooth and predictable that anyone moving up from a trainer will feel comfortable right away. More experienced pilots will find that aggressive aerobatics like rolling circles and knife-edge flight feel crisp and precise and can be performed with power to spare.

Brushless Power System and Functional Flaps
The powerful 15-size brushless motor is paired with a 45A ESC that can handle high-output 3S 2200-3200mAh LiPo batteries. All this available power, along with the functional flaps, gives the airplane impressive short-field takeoff and landing performance in addition to its other fantastic flying qualities.

Easy Assembly and Hands-Free Servo Connectors
Out of the box, it only takes 8 screws to complete initial assembly. After that, all you have are the 4 wing screws whenever you want to remove or attach the wings. You don’t even have to touch the servo leads. An innovative Hands-Free Servo Connection System automatically plugs in the aileron and flap servo connectors whenever you attach the wing.

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