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How-To Rebuild Your ECX Revenge Shocks

04/01/2013 by Gary Katzer

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      The ECX® Revenge Type e™ and Revenge Type N™ buggy have both been impressive since their release. They are both fast, fun and durable buggies that provide a great way to take your first steps into the world of 1/8-scale electric or nitro buggies, but from time-to-time you may need to perform some basic maintenance on them to ensure top performance. One such area that you may find yourself servicing would be the shocks.
      The shocks on the Revenge Type e and Type N are identical aluminum-bodied, oil-filled designs. As such, the steps for replacing the oil and rebuilding the shocks on either model are identical. For our example here, we used a Revenge Type e, but don’t worry if you own a Revenge Type N, as you can follow along with the exact same steps.
      From start-to-finish the rebuild process should take you less than 30-minutes, as long as you have the proper tools and equipment. The Dynamite® Metric Startup Tool Set really makes working on your car easier and is the set referenced in the video. In addition,  Magnum Force™ motor cleaner works well for cleaning your shocks out. There was also a new Dynamite shock oil that we used for the first time here and were quite impressed with it. When we were finished with our rebuild, we had shocks that felt silky smooth and were ready to once again hit the ground and help absorb just about anything we could throw at them.