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Spektrum DX4S Preview

12/07/2012 by Gary Katzer

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     It is hard to imagine, but Spektrum™  has been the leader in 2.4GHz RC technology for nearly ten years now. Spektrum technology first arrived on the scene in the world of RC cars and trucks with add-on module systems for existing radios. Shortly thereafter the brand began to offer all-in-one transmitters that provided drivers with an all-in-one radio solution incorporating Spektrum DSM® technology. Since those first radios, the Spektrum brand has continued to push the envelope regarding performance, ergonomics and features. The original DX3R transmitter introduced drivers to DSM2® technology. The DX3S was the first transmitter available with integrated telemetry. Spektrum is back again with a new radio and new technology with the Spektrum DX4S transmitter.

     One of the biggest features of the DX4S transmitter is the new DSMR™ protocol. Taking DSM technology to the next level, the DSMR protocol introduces the concept of frequency-agility to Spektrum users; however, unlike FHSS systems, DSMR protocol utilizes a hybrid system. This hybrid system builds on the previous foundation developed by DSM2 technology; it incorporates  wideband DSSS direct sequence, which allows it to penetrate though RF noise that can affect other FHSS systems negatively while providing greater range, all while using the same amount of power output. To ensure the most optimal performance of a DSMR-equipped transmitter, each DSMR-equipped transmitter has a unique frequency shift pattern based on the unique GUID (Globally Unique Identification Code). As such, DSMR-equipped transmitters proved on-channel interference protection previously unavailable by any radio or any other 2.4GHz protocol. DSMR technology is also 100% backwards compatible with previous Spektrum DSM, DSM2 or marine surface receivers, making it easy to upgrade to DSMR technology while not having to replace existing receivers you may have already invested in.

     Blake Good is the point man for the Spektrum brand when it comes to developing new surface radio systems. Blake was one of the key people involved with the design, development, testing and eventual coming-to-market of the DX4S transmitter. In addition, our own Gary Katzer was one of the drivers tasked with testing pre-production versions of the DX4S transmitter. Both of them got together recently at one of the facilities where much of the on-track testing for the DX4S transmitter took place at Hot Slots RC Raceway in Urbana, Illinois. Both Gary and Blake share their insights on this new Spektrum transmitter, what some of the advancements in DSMR technology really meant to the end user and cover a number of the exceptional tuning options that the DX4S transmitter comes loaded with. There’s so much to go over you’ll definitely want to take a look into the future of Spektrum surface radio systems and technology.