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Preview - LR-1A Pogo 15e ARF

04/07/2010 by Jim Booker

Copyright:© 2010 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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There is some special connection between race planes and model airplane builders. Goodyear racers got started in the 1950s, and many designers came up with airplanes that modelers loved to make into great-flying sport scale models. The LR-1A Pogo is a hot new model from E-flite that captures the look and excitement of these airplanes. Electric power and ARF construction make it easy to complete and get to the flying field in short order. There is more than one way to set up this airplane, whether your interest is sport aerobatics of the large kind or racing around the pylon course. The motor, ESC and Li-Po battery combination can be selected to provide the kind of performance you want, and this airplane is designed to handle it. Two different power packages are specifically outlined in the manual making these decisions easy. The airplane was designed by well-known RC pylon racer Jerry Small. Peter Bergstrom from Horizon Hobby has brought all the components together for E-flite, and the final result is an airplane I think you are going to have a great time with at the field or at the race course.

Peter took the time to outline all of the details and features of the Pogo during our Preview. It is an intriguing subject so take a look at what we learned.

Wingspan: 49.0 in (1244mm)
Overall Length: 36.3 in (922mm)
Wing Area: 375 sq in (24.19 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 3.13 lb (1.42 kg) - 3.25 lb (1.48 kg)
Motor Size: Power 15 - Power 25 (1250Kv)