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How-To Fly 10 at Lunch with DX6i

06/25/2009 by Jim Booker

Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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Recently I read a magazine article about how my friend and fellow longtime model builder Eric Meyers was able to fly 50 different airplanes in one day using his JR 12X transmitter and a bunch of really nice airplanes. I’m thinking that most of us don’t have 50 airplanes. But I do have a Spektrum DX6i and I do have 10 sport flyer type airplanes. I think I can fly all 10 of them during my lunch hour. There are a variety of different types of models including a flying wing, a sailplane, a ducted fan jet, aerobatic models and a helicopter. The DX6i has the built-in capability needed to handle all these different setups. With the 10-model memory, each model has its own unique setup and trim settings so I can easily switch from one model to the other and with the DSM2 ModelMatch feature I will not have to worry whether I have the correct model memory selected.

Watch this video and see how well the DX6i works for sport modelers who are having fun with their airplanes but still need the features usually only found in high-end, more expensive, radios. Why don’t you try it—it was definitely fun, and certainly something you can do yourself.

All models utilize the servo reverse, sub trim and travel adjustment features in the DX6i.

    •DX6i features used in these models:
    •Dual Aileron Servos – Except for the sailplane, all models used two
    aileron servos.
    •Dual Aileron AND Dual Elevator Servos – Ducted Fan F-16
    •Elevons – Flying Wing with electronic wing type mix for left and
    right elevon servos.
    •Dual Flight modes – The helicopter has Normal and Aerobatic flight
    modes; the sailplane has Climb (power on) and Soaring flight modes
    (both are switch-activated)
    •Dual Rates – The aerobatic airplanes use rudder, elevator and aileron
    dual rates on individual switches (can be assigned to one switch –
    pilot’s choice).
    •Separate Throttle and Pitch curves with multi-point settings – The
    helicopter uses all of the features required for a 3D aerobatic helicopter.