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How To - Bind your mCX - It's Easy

04/01/2009 by Jim Booker

Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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The mCX helicopter has been just too much fun. A lot of people have purchased the mCX as their very first RC model. One of the first things they discover is that the DSM2 radio system included with the mCX has a lot of features they did not know about. One is that you can fly your Vapor with the mCX transmitter, or you can purchase a BNF mCX and fly it with the Vapor transmitter. This means you save some money not having extra transmitters. But we have learned that people might be confused about the bind process for the MLP4DSM transmitter included with the mCX, Vapor and Ember 2. Basically you have to push the left stick in to put the TX in bind mode. You will be rewarded with a “click” followed by a “tone” indicating it is in bind. When you hear the tone you can release the stick.

The whole bind process is covered in our short video explanation. We hope it will answer any questions you might have.