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The Improved JR 8611A

04/15/2005 by

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The original JR 8611 Ultra Torque Digital servo.

Seems hard to imagine you could ask more from a servo than what the 8611 delivers. It's nearly "standard size" (just 2mm larger in all dimensions) yet it boasts a real 260 ounce inches of torque, with metal gears that have been highly praised for their reduced backlash and ideal tolerances. And with the extreme precision (zero dead band and extremely fine resolution) coupled with its fast speed, this servo makes flyers feel more "locked in" to their aircraft than any other on the market. Fact is, we see a lot of 8611s being used in planes that are guided by other brands of systems for one reason: you can't beat an 8611!

While we tested the 8611 extensively before it was released, it's always nice to have our test results confirmed through actual user reports. With thousands and thousands of servos sold and in thousands of aircraft-with who-knows-how-many flights-the results have been gratifying: the 8611 has proven to be more reliable, more precise, and stronger than any servo JR has made.

But who says it can't be better? We heard reports that some fellows had "sloppy" 8611 gears. When we examined the servo, we found that the top of the case had been broken. Modelers confessed that the model surface might have been kicked or crashed-that the servo had been subjected to something way beyond normal use.

The result? JR retooled the top of the case and increased surface area, so the chances of this happening are pretty minimal, if non-existent. What'll break next? We'll see, but it's going to take a huge load to make something else break on this virtually bullet-proof servo.

With 282 ounce inches, the 8611A sets the bar even higher

The new and improved JR 8611A Ultra Torque Digital servo.

Never satisfied, JR is always looking for ways to improve their products while maintaining reliability. Accordingly, JR engineers worked with motor manufacturers to create a motor with still more power. While it took the better part of a year (servo motors get rigorous testing to make sure they'll hold up to our tough standards), they finally got the job done. With the new motor installed, our R&D staff carefully tested the servo (we do all our own testing in our Champaign facilities) and the results were an impressive 8% improvement to 282 ounce inches of torque using our normal measuring system of 6 volts. The 4.8V numbers jumped from 220 oz/in to 240 oz/in.

Rather than have a whole new servo name, we elected to give the new servo an "A" variant, owing to the fact that it was essentially an 8611, with a new motor and new top case.

The servo should be in stock at your local retailer's by the time you read this. Price is unchanged, making the 8611A an even better value than ever. It has the strength, the precision, the gearing, the reliability and, of course, is backed by a three-year warranty backed by Horizon Hobby.