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Advancing RC Technology To The Next Generation

02/03/2004 by John Adams, Horizon Hobby Engineering Manager

Copyright:© 2004 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Benefits
Page 3: Overview

Spektrum's DSM system offers the ultimate in radio link security. No longer do you have to worry about transmitters being turned-on on your frequency, waiting for the frequency clip to practice or interference caused from noisy motors, speed controllers or other interfering sources. The DSM system utilizes Digital Spread Spectrum Modulation technology to provide an almost impenetrable digital RF link between the racer and their car.

The DSM System operates in the 2.4GHz band (that's 2400MHz). This high frequency is well out of the range of virtually all model-generated (motor and ESC noise) and conventional radio interference. All the usual glitches that plague 27 and 75mhz radios are simply eliminated with the DSM System. In addition, each DSM module is factory programmed with it's own unique GUID (Global Unique Identifier). Once a DSM transceiver is "bound" to a specific DSM module it will only recognize signals from that module. With over 4 billion possible GUID codes, it's virtually impossible for a DSM transceiver to mistake another signal source for its DSM module.

DSM uses Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum modulation to generate a wide signal on a single frequency. The FCC requires that these systems incorporate "collision avoidance" technology. When the DSM System is switched on, it will scan the 79 channels available to it for a free one. When it finds one, the DSM transceiver, which "listens" for the modules distinct GUID, will lock on to it. In the unlikely event that the DSM channel spectrum is full, the 80th system will not connect or cause any interference, going into "hold scan" until a channel is free.