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The XS3 Goes "Pro"

07/28/2004 by

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The XS3 Goes "Pro"

JR's new XS3 Pro combines the synthesized signal simplicity and extensive list of features of the XS3 with some attractive new features of its own like a new, smaller receiver and silver metallic finish. For those unfamiliar with synthesized systems, the XS3 Pro allows you to dispense with crystals and adjust your signal to whatever frequency the track environment requires. This gives you the freedom to tune in any unused frequency to race on, while your crystal-bound peers must endure having to sit out the occasional heat because someone else shares their channel.

Along with this sophisticated synthesized signal technology, the XS3 Pro features all the outstanding programming functions that users of the XS3 have come to know and love. This includes multipoint throttle curves, dual-rate steering, exponential and many other tuning options. The XS3 Pro also retains the separate button for use with nitro trucks that have reversible transmissions, such as the Traxxas T-Maxx.

The XS3 Pro, however, does differ from its predecessor in a few notable areas. The most obvious of these would be the silver metallic finish that really stands out at the track. In addition to the cosmetics, JR® has also replaced the stock RS300 synthesized receiver with the newly designed RS310. The RS310 possesses all the same precision of the RS300, only it's smaller and much easier to mount. There are even a few ergonomic touches that make the XS3 Pro more comfortable to use, like an adjustable throttle trigger, grip pad and momo-style steering wheel.

If you're looking to join the crystal-free crowd, the XS3 Pro is just the entrance you've been waiting for. It's got style, substance and JR's unparalleled 3-year warranty. See one up close where JR precision is sold.